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Inaki Irazabalbeitia

Antiguo eurodiputado, Aralar

Basque Friendship denuncia la operación de la Guardia Civil


El grupo de europarlamentarios Basque Friendship, conocido por su labor en pro de la resolución del conflicto vasco, ha emitido una nota de prensa condenando la operación de la Guardia Civil contra Herrira. Creen los europarlamentarios que es una violación de los derechos democráticos y de los derechos humanos.

Basque Friendship ha remarcado que la operación de hoy demuestra la poca voluntad del gobierno español de avanzar en el proceso de paz. Le pide, también, al gobierno español un compromiso con la paz, la democracia y el respeto y defensa de los derechos humanos.

Basque Friendship Group’s statement on the police intervention against “Herrira” and the arrest of 18 of its members.


The Basque Friendship Group considers this morning’s police intervention in the offices of “Herrira” and the arrest of 18 of its members to constitute an absolute violation of democratic freedoms and an infringement on human rights, such as freedom of assembly and of expression.

We, MEPs members of the Friendship Group, have on several occasions met representatives of “Herrira” and support their activity because we are convinced that, from the respect of human rights and rejection of all kinds of violence, they do an essential job by defending basque refugees’ and political prisoners’ human rights, which is a cornerstone element to reach a situation of political normalization and a lasting peace in the Basque Country.

On the other hand, today’s repressive action clearly shows the total lack of political will of the Spanish government regarding the peace process and we firmly denounce this unacceptable lack of responsibility from Madrid, and request the Spanish government to once and for all commit to peace, democracy and respect of human and political rights. 

We, the members of the Basque Friendship Group, are committed to help building a lasting peace in the Basque Country and therefore strongly condemn this mornings’ political and military attack against “Herrira”, and we demand the immediate release of all 18 detainees.