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Inaki Irazabalbeitia

Former MEP, Aralar

Women entrepreneurship in times of crisis

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Women entrepreneurship in times of crisis

Date: Mars, 5 2014

In the context of a big economic crisis unemployment for women is higher and increases faster than men. Self-employment can help women to change this tendency and guarantee income. 

The conference has three main goals: - to promote entrepreneurship for women through success stories and shared experiences - to encourage women to to start their own business or to develop their existing business - to promote sharing and networking among the speakers and the attendees  

Proposed by:

Inaki Irazabalbeitia, MEP

Marije Cornelissen, MEP

Gemma Zelaia, Bizzia

Interpretation: es/en/eu (passive)

Draft Agenda

  • 10.30 h Opening

Marije Cornelissen and Inaki Irazabalbeitia

  • 10.45 h Panel ´Women entrepreneurship throughout Europe’

Gemma Zelaia, Bizzia (The Basque Country)

Danae Bezantakou ,  Iforu (Greece)

Louise Hilditch, Full Circle Club (Belgium)

Caroline Phillips, Conseil de Developpement du Pays Basque (The Basque Country)

  • 12.15 h Panel ‘Women entrepreneurship from different perspectives’

Luisa Villegas ´The role of women in rural development´

María Gómez del Pozuelo , ‘Company creation and internationalisation’

Marijose Martinez and Mariela Gómez Ponce,‘R+D based opportunities’

Carmen Munoz, 'Women entrepreneurship: trick or treat?'

  • 13.30h 3 Case-studies of success in women entrepreneurship
  • 13.55 h Conclusion

Women entrepreneurship in times of crisis

Women entrepreneurship in times of crisis

Feb 04, 2014

Public hearing March 5th on Women entrepeneurship in times of crisis organized and hosted by Inaki Irazabalbeitia and Marije Cornelissen in collaboration with Bizzia. For program and registration click on title.