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Inaki Irazabalbeitia

Former MEP, Aralar

Aralar claimed the territorial collectivity for Iparralde at the demostration in Baiona

Jul 18, 2013

A demonstration was held in Baiona today to claim a new territorial structure for Iparralde. Rebeka Ubera, Jon Iñarritu, Maite Sarasua, Inaki Irazabalbeitia, Maritxu Goikoetxea, Asier Lertxundi and Maite Iturre, representatives of Aralar led off the demonstration.

Social and economic actors of most political sensitivities of Iparralde joined the demostration today.  This is actually what Aralar wants to highlight about today´s demonstration, the fact that almost all sectors of the society of Iparralde got together to work towards the same goal, something exemplary and to emulate according to Aralar.

Aralar also considers Iparralde and its citizens would benefit from the territorial collectivity and it would mean a great step forward towards the sovereignty of the Basque Country.